Although it took some time, the Xbox One compatible first wave of gaming headsets began to ship to the retailers in the meantime of Titanfall release. Polk Audio, Microsoft and Turtle Beach have whipped up audio solutions. So now we will look at some of the features of these. Xb One Headsets website helped us a lot to make this review.

Polk 4 shot

For a long time, Polk has designed lot of great audio equipment for the home. If you put a quick glance at this 4 shot headset, you can sense a high quality as well as a slick design. This was co-developed along with the support of Halo developers 34s industries and Forza’s Turn 10 studios and this was built keeping Xbox one in their minds completely. This headset must be plugged into port of the Xbox one controller so that you have the chance to move around without the wires running back for the console. This headset is available for you in white, blue and black colors.

Turtle Beach XO Seven

First three Xbox one headsets from the Turtle Beach have the XO seven features over ear speakers with the memory foam padding. It also has separate volume controls for chat audio and games ensuring that you will catch everything. The green or black finish is nicely blending with overall Xbox one aesthetic. XO seven can be also connected to controller via Xbox one headset adapter.

Turtle Beach XO four

This is more compact than the XO seven and this is more affordable. Features of the XO four Xbox headsets have features like ear lightweight padding which surround the speakers. Although it doesn’t feature a level of cushion similar to XO seven, this headset is very lightweight and its detachable mic can make a decent on-the-go pair of headphones which are perfect for mobile gaming.

Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas

This Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas is similar to XO four, when focusing on its hardware. This is designed between developer Respawn Entertainment and Turtle beach cooperatively. Atlas is compatible with the Xbox 360, mobile devices as well as PC. But unfortunately copy of Titanfall is not packaged with the Atlas.

Microsoft Xbox one stereo headset

The Microsoft official Xbox one headset is not the flashiest among all the bunch of gaming headsets, but there is special something in it; that is its simplicity. You will get an excellent quality in audio still with a unidirectional mic as well as an independent control of chat and game audio via the headset adapter.

Astro A50

Maybe Astro A50 is not designed to Xbox one specifically, you can still use this due to several reasons. When it comes to true high end gaming headsets, these wireless cans are making a mark. Although it is possible to get great game audio from Xbox one to A5Os, you will have to buy an adapter in order to get chat audio. You can also use this Astro A50 for Playstation 4 and PC gaming.